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Entry Criteria:

- Door open 10:30PM - Entry Fee Starting from £20 per guest (fee amount depends on table reservation at the time of entry as well as the type of event)

- TSQ CLUB operates a walk-in entry (We don’t sell advance tickets unless we have specific details or a tickets link on our events page)



- The minimum age to enter the TSQCLUB is 18, unless stated otherwise.

- You must present an original valid government-issued ID to enter, such as a photo card, driving license, passport, or PASS identification card with the PASS hologram.)

- For more information on the National Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS), visit

- If you use a false ID, it will be confiscated and given to the police. Entry will be refused



- Customers must dress smartly stylish and fashionably.

- Appropriate jeans,  t-shirts, and branded trainers are acceptable.

- Tracksuits and sportswear are not permitted.

- Entry is at the discretion of the door staff.

- Refunds will not be issued if entry is refused due to not meeting the dress code.


- The TSQCLUB has the legal right to search customers for safety reasons.

- Customers must agree to be searched before entering and during their time at the Club if necessary.

- If a customer refuses to be searched, they will be denied entry without a refund.

- The Club has a zero-tolerance policy on drugs. Anyone suspected of using, dealing, or requesting drugs will be searched and removed.

- If drugs or offensive weapons are found, customers will be detained and the matter will be reported to the police.



- The Club management team can refuse entry at their discretion.

- If you meet the Club's standards and behave appropriately, you'll be welcomed.

- Customers who appear intoxicated may be denied entry or service.



- Respect must be given to all members, guests and staff within the club.

- The Club has a zero-tolerance policy for anti-social behavior.

- All large bags and overcoats must be deposited in our cloakroom. We cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage from any cause whatsoever.

- Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the club- there is a dedicated smoking area outside the front entrance. 



- All prepaid/paid tickets and packages are non-refundable. Health & Safety policies:

- All unattended drinks and items will be removed

- We operate “ask fo angela” Scheme

“We Have The Right to Refuse Service or Entry to Anyone at Anytime”

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