Club Policies

The TSQ Nightclub works in association with the local council and the Police to ensure a safe and enjoyable night out for all.

We have a zero tolerance approach to antisocial behaviour and our security staffs are trained to deal with all circumstances.



It is company policy that anyone seeking to gain admission to the TSQ must be 21 years and over, and if proof of age is required acceptable documentation must be produced i.e. acceptable drivers licence, passport, Electoral identification Card or National ID


1. Football shirts of any kind will be deemed as unsuitable
2. T-Shirts with political or unsavoury statements will be deemed unsuitable; vest T-Shirts will not be permitted to be worn by men into nightclub.
3. Footwear should be clean and tidy.
4. Any persons whose general dress is of an untidy nature will not be permitted into the Nightclub.


1. Any person who has knowingly been prosecuted for use, supply or intent to supply drugs shall not be permitted to enter the nightclub.
2. Any person who has knowingly been convicted of Actual Bodily Harm shall not be permitted into the Nightclub.
3. It is company policy that each person entering the Nightclub may be searched for the health and safety of themselves, fellow customers and staff. Offensive weapons will not be allowed inside the nightclub.
4. Customers will be asked for I.D. to enter the club, the only acceptable forms of I.D. will be driving licence (valid), passport, electoral card or national ID.


Patrons of the nightclub are expected to behave in such a manner as not to put themselves, or any other customer or any member of staff at risk to personal injury or loss of life.

No selling, supplying or taking of any illegal substances or drugs will be permitted in the nightclub.

Customers are not permitted to dance on the dance floor with bottles, or take bottles or glasses into the toilets within the Nightclub.

Any person who is in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of drugs will not be permitted to gain entrance to the Nightclub. Any person under the influence of alcohol to the extent that they are a danger to themselves or other customers will be asked to leave the club.

Customers will not be permitted to behave in a disorderly manner or in a way that is likely to provoke disorderly conduct from other customers or will not be allowed to cause willing damage to    TSQ property.

Any customers that fail to adhere to these rules will be deemed unsuitable for admission to the club on future occasions.

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