Dark heven with black wings.
T:020 7839 4000
Follow us : @TSQClub
E: info@tsqclub.com


Table bookings

Standing Table
£250 minimum spend (up to 5 people) *VIP Area
£300 minimum spend (up to 6 people) *Dance Floor

Dance Floor Area
£400 minimum spend ( up to 8 people )

VIP Area
£400 minimum spend (up to 8 people)
£500 minimum spend (up to 10 people)
£600 minimum spend(up to 15 people)

Special offer for Birthday boys and girls!

FREE entry for you and your friends on your birthday party date when you make a booking and pay deposit in advance visit our website for more details www.tsqclub.com

For info and table bookings: bookings@tsqclub.com or call 020 7839 4000

*No re-entry. Cover charge will need to be paid again if you decide to leave the venue before.
*Smoking only permitted in the designated area.
*No complimentary entry on the big event nights.
*Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person who does not comply with the conditions of entry.
* 18+ ONLY. ID required*

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